About the Department

Trilife Hospital’s Oncology centre of excellence conducts Chemoport Insertion, Bone Marrow Studies, All major & minor Biopsies/FNAC, CT and Ultrasound-Guided Procedures, Clinical Trials/Research, and Hereditary Cancer Screening. Our institute provides Biological Targeted Therapy, Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy. Regional Chemotherapy like Intrapleural, Intraperitoneal, Intra-Arterial, Intravascular and Intrathecal. Screening of breast, cervix, prostate, colon, etc is done at Trilife. Immunization for Human Papilloma Virus and HBV are provided as well.

Trilife Difference

The Trilife Hospital’s Medical Oncology department offers prevention screenings, initial screening diagnosis and second opinion for treatment options and survival. Cancer patients have access to the best therapists and the latest treatment options, which includes clinical trials and specialized care to fight cancer. We also have the most highly skilled breast specialist doctors in Bangalore on board. Our centre is determined to provide the best of services and facilities to our patients for their speedy recovery.

Conditions Treated

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