An MRI can give a doctor important insights on the abnormalities of the breast, bone and joint disorders, underlying heart issues etc. By getting MRI reports quickly, the doctor is able to understand and begin treatment plans at the earliest. The 24/7 MRI at Trilife Hospital is one step in getting patients healthy as quickly as possible!

At Trilife Hospital, we have 1.5 T QUITE SUITE ( SILENT MRI ) the latest of its kind Siemens MRI offers up to 97% reduction in sound delivering consistently high-quality SCANS. At Trilife Hospital, we offer a wide range of Radiological examinations and various types of interventional procedures using state-of-art technology combined with a highly qualified team of Doctors and support staff. Our Radiology team works in coordination with the Clinicians.


64 Slice CT Scanner



Advanced Ultrasonography

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